An Introduction


Dark Blood is a fantasy with strong Gothic overtones.  I did not want the novel to be wholly fantasy, nor a passively Gothic story entrenched in too many imitative themes and devices employed by Gothic authors, so I decided on a medium between these two extremes.  (I think one author who comes to mind who exemplifies this quality is Tanith Lee.)

The story concerns a young heroine who finds a dangerous link to her past which she must overthrow through a strange, sinister family member who resembles her almost exactly.  It is the story of a doppelgänger, along with adventure, romance, and mystery.  The story drips with imagery and figurative language, and has glimmers of German Romanticism spread throughout its pages.

My novel is currently in its second stage of being edited.  I will be posting it in my blog, in preparation for the third and final editing before publishing.  I decided to post it in order to motivate myself.  I hope that anyone who reads it may also be inspired by the fantasy/Gothic melange type of story, as it is rather difficult to find.




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