Dark Blood: Notes and Other Tidbits

This is the beginning to my “guide” for  Dark Blood, A Gothic Fantasy.  I am posting it here for now, but later it will be found under a different category, or, if WordPress allows, I will change the date and time for it so that it is inserted before the Prologue.  I will keep adding new characters, landscapes, and other tidbits as progression on the editing of my novel continues…


Lynoria:  The “evil twin.”  From the Andalus and Frochardian lines across the sea.  A high priestess of an occult society.  Resided in a world called ‘Nimbuec Eruum,’ which is in or under a lake (like a grotto).  She is the antagonist of the story, and holds great and terrible power.

Stephane and Leon Grevayne:  Two brothers.  Stephane the pianist; Leon the poet.  Leon is known to inhabit or frequent the notorious “Chat Noir” brothel.  Stephane disappeared mysteriously.  Stephane was known to be infatuated with Miss d’Ravnosil, but this was never disclosed.

Miss d’Ravnosil:  The main protagonist.  Has hazel eyes pierced with green; pale; dark and long hair…  A fitting first name has not yet been devised for this character, although for now she is known as Elvira.  She is  a very complex character; very intuitive; quiet and demure, but also courageous.

Rosamundis:  Possible ex-wife of Stephane.  Left him for a pirate.  She was known to be wild, of unsteady emotions, and rather eccentric.  She was also a pianist, like Stephane.

Madame L’Enfer:  Lives in the blue and red city of Inferias.  Has striking green eyes.   Plays a large part in assisting against Lynoria’s demise, along with Raven.

Sir Thorvin Molton Paine:  Lynoria’s lover.  From misty northern Umbria.  A poet too.  He was a tragic figure who suffered under Lynoria’s hand.  His journal reveals many secrets about her, which the protagonist uses for their clues.

Raven or “Raven’s Eye”:  One of the D’elrainni.  A guide.  Has two pet wolves, Chanticle and Chantteer.  He is a young man of few words, but wise beyond years.  Has a mysterious and mystical bent and naturally talented in the arcane, although he is also a very good archer.  He is procured by the Madame to also assist the protagonist in her battle against Lynoria and related inhabitants of Old Esradis.

Cylois:  The driver.  His horses are Ahab and Amar.  Cares very much for Miss d’Ravnosil and tries to protect her at all cost.


Esradis:  Old Esradis (across the sea) and New Esradis (an island of sorts).  Southward lays Serrania with its blue lakes; eastward is snowy mountains no one ever crosses; Correadinn plains to the west — hot and dry; north is wet woods and mountains — meets with Correadinn to become a “world of ice and snow.”  The north is often referred to as Northern Umbriar.

Andarian:  A term referring to the people of Estampiel from Old Esradis.


Lariattes:  The currency used in New Esradis.  These are coins usually made out of gold, but can also be silver, or other metals.

(This page is in constant progress.)


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