Chapter Thirteen: The Sea

     It seemed forever and a day that it took to embark back. Much travel had ensued, and I was supremely wary.
     Would this fatigue never end?
     Despite my complaints, I was rather grateful for my escape . . . I cannot bear to imagine the consequences had I been the victim of the foul creatures, things, I was unfortunately related to.
     And now, I slept to dream, the sea a gulf between myself and the horrid past.
     But would I escape it?
     From what it appeared, those horrible creatures, things, protected her tomb against me, almost as if she were to be guarded for their own safety.  Was she perhaps, their Queen?  Did she then, being so powerful — have the power as well to travel at will, to drift phantom-like, from sea to sea?
     I prayed then, that she was not on the same ship with us.  But then again, Lynoria always was.  She had always been here and already somehow cast a spell on my beloved, whom Leon had been searching for. I wondered now about him.  Leon would be waiting for me at the house as we agreed, and of course, Raven . . .
     I slumbered. The rolling waves eased me to sleep.  It was better to lie down than fight the nausea . . .


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