Monthly Archives: November 2014


     The night-sky was still young.  I followed the cold sun as it turned into cold stars, as I followed my heart, and I did indeed leave my world of pain and darkness behind.
     The mansion was sold, would be torn down, and was last seen overgrown with weeds and knotted trees, almost as if to conceal it from the outside world, and the marsh water soon swallowed it all up.
     And I was traveling north.  A train took me hence through all those lands Madame traced on her magic ball, and, I soon would set foot on a land of snow and enchantment, and he would be waiting for me.
     A whistle sounded and a clanging of bells.  I closed my eyes and began to slumber on my journey.  If I did dream of the past, it was of a field of flowers, when I did not know I had already loved him, and my heart was lightened.
     Soon, the arctic wind would blow and I’d meet him, the snow like falling stars and his embrace a warmth unlike anything I’d ever known.
     The past was gone. I would never go back again.